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Our subscription offers & services

In order to satisfy each individual’s needs Contact Confiance offers two possibilities of Subscription and a range of One-off Services.

>> Basic subscription

Personalized Welcome
  • Meeting at your place upon arrival
  • Handover of a file gathering information on your living area
    detailed map, useful numbers, main stores for shopping….
  • A leaflet on « How to live in Paris »
    to figure out how to easily move around , safety tips , good plans
  • How to react in case of emergency :
    emergency numbers, Where & How to turn off water, gas, electricity.
Assistance in case of Health Problems
To the extent possible, we will stay with the person
  • Help for setting up appointment
    doctor, dentist…
  • Information and link with parents or designated persons
  • Administrative help
    filing forms for hospitalization , getting medical fees reimbursed…
  • In case of hospitalization, visit to bring personal affairs needed, small sweet and hold company. Presence at the exit if accompaniment is compulsory

NB : Contact Confiance constitutes on no account a health service and is in no way qualified to make a decision requiring medical expertise.

Access to the range of one-off services
  • See description below. Invoicing in addition.
Prices Exclusive of tax
  • 400 € per school year, 40 €/month.
    Commitment for the whole school year, Pre-Payment upon registration.

>> Premium subscription

Enhanced personalized link
All services provided for in the Basic Subscription
Personal Contact maintained throughout the school year
  • Phone number available for any questions you may have during this first experience away from home.
  • Upon request, a weekly contact may be established according to your needs. The idea is not to check on you and be intrusive but rather to develop a relationship aiming at preventing any possible feeling of loneliness.
    Details to be finalized according to your wishes and your timetable so as not to disrupt your work.
  • The knowledge of your timetable will allow us besides to manage at best appointment setting if necessary.
Keep a spare set of your keys
  • Available in case of need.
    keys forgotten, lost, stolen, delivery of grocery, laundry bags…
Safekeeping of copies of important documents
  • Should you need them in case of loss or theft.
Prices exclusive of tax
  • 750 € per school year 75 €/month.
    Commitment for the whole school year.
    Pre- Payment upon registration.
    5% discount for roommates'subscription.
  • 5% Discount on all one-off assistance services prices.

Subscription possible for shorter periods upon request.

>> One-off services

Helping you to settle down
  • We offer to accompany you on any purchasing errand as agreed upon by preliminary appointment and according to planning
    For Furniture & Equipment’ purchases, foresee at least 4 hours + transportation costs. For shopping in local area, foresee 1 to 2 hours
  • During working hours waiting at your home for the connecting of utilities such as electricity / telephone / internet…
    Charged to the past real time. (The passages of the technicians are generally planned on time slots from 2 to 4 hours).
One-off Assistance
  • Administrative Help - Residence Permit ( Fist / Renewal) OFII & Prefecture
  • We assist you in the management of unexpected household events
    Charged to the past real time.
    water leaks, various breakdowns, burglary…
  • Setting up of appointments as well as waiting at home for a workman, a delivery, meter reading while you’re away.Charged to the past real time. (The passages of the technicians are generally planned on time slots from 2 to 4 hours).
  • All sorts of small errands
  • Small works of sewing
  • Dry cleaning / laundry
  • Help with finding a cleaner
  • ...
Prices exclusive of tax
  • Monthly Invoicing.
  • Hourly Rate : 20 to 50 €/hour.
  • 5% Discount for Premium subscribers.
  • Actual costs incurred:
    • An advance payment for actual costs will be requested when signing the subscription. The amount will be freely determined by the subscribers. Spending will be invoiced on a monthly basis and related receipts provided.
    • Any excess payment will be refunded at the end of the subscription period.
    • In case of unforeseen or significant expense, a preliminary estimate will be submitted for your validation and payment.

This list is not exhaustive. Whenever you have to deal with any kind of problem which requests both time and knowing your way around, you can call us.
We will study your request always keeping in mind the priority to make your life easier by saving you time.

Our subscriptions run for a whole school year

The insurance of not being alone in case of need
Contact Confiance SARL
66 Boulevard Malesherbes
75008 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)6 65 63 33 23
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